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New Experiential Art Piece in The Woodlands Illuminates Hughes Landing

The Howard Hughes Corporation debuts Shoal, an experiential art piece in Hughes Landing that is the latest addition to one of the largest public art collections in the country. Commissioned from Squidsoup—the international collaborative group of artists researchers, technologists and designers known for creating award-winning digital media experiences—Shoal features 750 individual orbs of light suspended in air and programmed to seamlessly flow in mesmerizing movement to sound.

The orbs are choreographed as a collective, inspired from the captivating movement patterns of shoals—large groups of fish swimming together in captivating patterns. Hundreds of speakers and LEDs work harmoniously together to create this symbolic art.

Shoal operates in different ways, depending on the time of the day. During daylight, it is an ambient moving sound piece. In the evening, it presents a delicate undulating lightwork with sound, and at specific times, the art comes alive with bursts of activity and waves of energy that last for about 15 minutes before reverting to a calmer state.

The Shoal can be enjoyed daily from 9 AM – Midnight, with an energizing wave of activity between 8 PM – 9 PM.



Shoal is a new interactive piece that adds to the diversity of our expansive art collection, reinforces the power of art in placemaking—a fundamental component of The Woodlands’ original vision for the community,” said Jim Carman, President of the Houston Region for The Howard Hughes Corporation