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By Annierose Donnelly

The Woodlands is one of the top and truly groundbreaking master planned communities in the United States and a unique place to live. A thriving business and cultural hub of its own with excellent employment opportunities and access to everything you could ever need, The Woodlands brings the perfect blend of urban and outdoor living. As The Woodlands approaches its historic 50th anniversary (occurring this October), its power is well known. Named No. 1 in The Best Places to Live in America in both 2021 and 2022, The Woodlands’ reputation speaks for itself.

Here are still some interesting facts you might not know that was part of The Woodlands vision when developed and remains true today.

Unprecedented 28% of Open Green Space in The Woodlands 

The Woodlands is a trailblazer in terms of sustainability. An unprecedented 28 percent of the community was designated and will remain undeveloped green space as the community continues to grow.

This is a natural refuge for families to live, work, play, learn and pray. The Woodlands became the world’s largest master planned community to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) precertification by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2022.

The Woodlands is a True Green Land

The Woodlands boasts more green space per resident than most other communities in America, with literally acres and acres of green space to discover. Town Green Park, Rob Fleming Park and the George Mitchell Nature Preserve are among the 151 parks in The Woodlands. Maintained to a high standard, these spaces include ponds for fishing, sports fields, playgrounds, skate parks, tennis and pickle ball courts, walking trails and more for all to enjoy. As part of The Woodlands vision, every residence is located within at most a 10-minute walk from a park.  

The Woodlands is a true outdoor land with 151 parks.

Trees Take Precedent in The Woodlands

This is a community largely hidden behind trees. The first item you will notice as you drive through The Woodlands is the community’s commitment to keeping a picturesque exterior. As part of Founder George Mitchell’s original vision for The Woodlands, Howard Hughes maintains 50-foot forested buffers along major roadways adjacent to residential and 30-foot forest preserves along collector roads. In addition, these roads are winding so you feel like you are driving through a forest.

No Visible Power or Utility Lines 

Preserving natural beauty is a top priority. The Woodlands’ power and dry utility transmission lines are almost all buried underground and tucked away from clear sight. This was part of George Mitchell’s progressive plan to preserve the natural aesthetic and create a peaceful ambiance, without the industrial appearance of other major cities.

Taking a Hike is a Way of Life 

The Woodlands has 220 miles of connected trails to discover. Weaving and winding through the forests, these peaceful trails stretch 220 miles and offer great opportunities to enjoy hiking, biking, walking and running in the great outdoors.

It’s possible to bike or walk to The Woodlands Town Center and to explore the community’s neighborhoods without ever needing to drive.  

The Woodlands pioneered a way of preserving the natural environment, and that vision and commitment continues today.


Many thanks to The Woodlands 50th Anniversary Sponsors:

FOUNDING – Howard Hughes

LEGACY – Woodforest National Bank

HERITAGE – Waste Connections Inc.

GOLD – Entergy Texas, Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

SILVER – SVN/JBeard Real Estate, The John Cooper School

PRODUCER – The Woodlands Township