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Howard Hughes is Committed to Education with over 410 Scholarships Awarded Through the Decades

The Howard Hughes Corporation is pleased to award 30 college scholarships to recent local high school graduates from Bridgeland High School, The John Cooper School, Montgomery High School, Oak Ridge High School, Tomball High School, Waller High School, Willis High School, The Woodlands Christian Academy, The Woodlands College Park High School, The Woodlands High School and to Lone Star College students.

Over 410 scholarships have been awarded to graduating seniors and Lone Star College students through an educational funding initiative launched in the 1980s which The Howard Hughes Corporation has continued to support.

The scholarships awarded to recent graduates include educational scholarships as well as two Executive Club scholarships in partnership with Howard Hughes and its largest office tenants to help support tomorrow’s leaders from our community. Scholarships were awarded in the memories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the late Gerald D. Irons, Sr., a Hometown Hero in The Woodlands who was committed to education.

Six of the 30 college scholarships are awarded through an endowment at Lone Star College System, continuing a tradition which began in 1998.

“We believe in supporting scholars within our communities in the pursuit of higher education and are proud of the achievements and aspirations of these future leaders,” said Jim Carman, President, Houston Region for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “The awarding of scholarships is part of our HHCares initiative, in which we donate and volunteer to over 180 local causes of nonprofit organizations each year.”

The local scholarship winners from the recent high school graduates include:

2023 Educational Scholarships:

  • Emioritse (Emi) Abraham, The Woodlands Christian Academy
  • Safee Baig, The John Cooper School
  • Savannah Cater, Waller High School
  • Taylor Good, The Woodlands College Park High School
  • Gabriel Pujol Gordoa, Tomball High School
  • Kaitlin Hinch, The John Cooper School
  • Mohamed Irhabi, The Woodlands High School
  • Sarah Kane, Tomball High School
  • Jacob Lemos, Bridgeland High School
  • Emily Hernandez Maltos, Tomball High School
  • Alexandra Martinez, Bridgeland High School
  • Yami Melgar, Waller High School
  • Rylee Neumann, Willis High School
  • Jacob Rios, The Woodlands Christian Academy
  • Hannah Trahan, Tomball High School
  • Ronald Foster Young, Jr., Willis High School

2023 Howard Hughes Executive Club scholarships:

  • Alejandro Chacon, The Woodlands High School
  • Chloe Sharp, The Woodlands College Park High School

2023 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. scholarships:

  • Justin Doud, The Woodlands College Park High School
  • Psalm Lawrence, Oak Ridge High School
  • Preslee Kate Mazzapica, Tomball High School
  • Victoria Medrano, The Woodlands College Park High School
  • Haley Wells, Montgomery High School

2023 Gerald D. Irons, Sr. scholarship:

  • Luis Manuel Aguillon, Oak Ridge High School

howard hughes scholarship winners 2023

Photo caption: The Howard Hughes Corporation congratulates the high school graduates and Lone Star College students who recently received a college scholarship from the company. From left to right (front row) Safee Baig; Yami Melgar; Savannah Cater; Luis Manuel Aguillon; Chloe Sharp; Victoria Medrano; and Ronald Foster Young, Jr.; From left to right (middle row) Jacob Lemos; Jacob Rios; Taylor Good; Hannah Trahan; Emily Hernandez Maltos; Preslee Mazzapica; Justin Doud; and Cheryl Tyson – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Representative; From left to right (back row) Charlie McCabe, Marketing Coordinator; Lona Shipp, Director of Marketing; Lorrie Parise, Director of PR & Community Relations; Jim Carman, President – Houston Region – all with Howard Hughes; and Grant Irons – Gerald D. Irons, Sr. Scholarship Representative. Not pictured are Emi Abraham, Alejandro Chacon,  Gabriel Pujol Gordoa, Kaitlin Hinch, Mohamed Irhabi, Sarah Kane, Psalm Lawrence, Alexandra Martinez, Rylee Neumann, and Haley Wells.