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Living in a master planned community is truly special. Why? Master planned communities begin with a strong vision and a comprehensive plan by a developer. The result is a superior and sustainable living experience for families and individuals to enjoy, providing a top quality of life for generations.

When a resident or a business is seeking a master planned community to call home, they want to make sure they are a true master planned community, as so many communities tout themselves as such, but are not. The elements that make a true master planned community are much more in-depth than a typical subdivision and can often be confusing for buyers to differentiate.

A master planned community is a large-scale development which includes both residential and commercial land uses. Prior to the design of the first home, the master concept for the community is envisioned and becomes the major focal point. The developers take into consideration many factors, such as long-term generational living, proper infrastructure, design, aesthetic standards, sustainability and more, to create an environment that encompasses a holistic lifestyle for both residents and businesses alike.

“There’s no doubt that the foundational building blocks of a true master planned community are carefully curated,” said Jim Carman, President, Houston Region, The Howard Hughes Corporation. “The result incredibly manifests in characteristics that present the best quality-of-life experiences and a sense of overall community.”

Creekside Park, The Woodlands

Village of Creekside Park, The Woodlands


The Woodlands, Bridgeland and The Woodlands Hills are award-winning master planned communities, in the Greater Houston area, within the portfolio of The Howard Hughes Corporation.

While each of these communities is in a different season of development and evolution, the attractive offerings include a strong emphasis on conserving and enhancing nature; areas dedicated to open space; extensive outdoor and recreational amenities focusing on health and wellness including expansive parks, inter-connecting hike-and-bike trails and swimming facilities; single-family homes and multifamily residences; a balance of mixed-use commercial development with office, retail, shopping, dining and entertainment; convenient access to world-class healthcare; acclaimed schools; and places for worship.

The Woodlands, Bridgeland and The Woodlands Hills are extraordinary places to live, play, pray, learn, and discover. The Woodlands and Bridgeland provide businesses a strong, educated workforce, highlighting Class AAA and Class A office buildings in The Woodlands Town Center, and businesses will thrive in the emerging 925-acre vibrant urban hub, Bridgeland Central.

Bridgeland Josey Lake Bird Tower

Bridgeland, Cypress, TX

The Woodlands and Bridgeland continue to be a trendsetter for master planned communities in America. According to Urban Reform Institute, a nonprofit organization which advocates for sustainable urban development, in its Next American Cities 2022 report, Americans are leaving urban residences and moving to master planned communities including The Woodlands and Bridgeland.

Both communities were considered solutions for those residents living in or surrounding major cities. “Offering a combination of affordability, amenities, and proximity to the large cities, but without the burdensome, heavy-handed regulations of local government or many of the social ills running rampant in cities, these places – like The Woodlands and Bridgeland – are quickly shaping up to be the urban destinations of the future,” said Charles Blain, President of the Urban Reform Institute, in the introduction to the Next American Cities report.

Blain also believes The Woodlands is the “premier entity”, in which other communities use as a model for development.

So much goes into a master planned community. The result of such cohesive planning and development is a true quality of life experience for residents and businesses to appreciate and embrace for decades.

“The Woodlands, Bridgeland and The Woodlands Hills are award-winning communities that are beloved by many because of the long-range planning and dedication to the vision of a true master planned community, a commitment Howard Hughes will continue for generations,” added Carman.

Hughes Landing, The Woodlands

Hughes Landing, The Woodlands