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The Dedication of Forest Preserves, Trails, and a Neighborhood Park Reinforce Howard Hughes’ Commitment to Sustainable Development

The Howard Hughes Corporation has recently donated 44 acres of open space reserves, hike-and-bike-trails and a neighborhood park—all in the Village of Creekside Park® in The Woodlands —exemplifying the commitment Howard Hughes has shown to The Woodlands and sustainable development throughout the past four-and-a-half decades.

The land donation includes forest buffers, winding hike-and-bike trails and Monarch Pond Park—the 151st park in The Woodlands. The donation enhances the current abundance of open green space and the community’s focus on health and wellness, bringing the number to 151 parks, 220 miles of trails, 14 community pools and spraygrounds that Howard Hughes has constructed and then bestowed to The Woodlands Township to operate and maintain over the past 47 years.

“Our most recent donation of open green space to The Woodlands Township is in keeping with the core principles of George Mitchell’s original vision for The Woodlands as a community where one can live, work, and play in harmony with nature,” said Jim Carman, President of the Houston Region for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “Our commitment to the preservation of nature, as well as access to premier outdoor amenities, is a significant reason why The Woodlands is considered the #1 best community to live in America. We entrust this land to the Township—much like the thousands of acres we have already donated to the community—to preserve The Woodlands for our residents in perpetuity.”

“We like to refer to Creekside Park as the ‘Nature Village’.  Residents in Creekside Park and outside residents visit our village to take advantage of our many pathways and forests, which now include Monarch Pond Park, situated in the neighborhood of Mariposa Woods in the Village of Creekside Park,”stated Nancy Becker, President of the Creekside Park Village Association.  “Monarch Pond Park plus the hike and bike trails provide a logical extension to our trails surrounding Burroughs Park and the Spring Creek Nature Trail. We are extremely grateful for the generous donation of 44 acres from Howard Hughes.”

Mitchell’s original plan from the 1970s denoted 25 percent of land to be declared off-limits for development, and today, The Woodlands has exceeded that goal with 28 percent of its 28,500-acre total land area dedicated as open green space.