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Four-Legged Friends – Pet and Pet Parents Mingle

The Woodlands dog parks have reopened! Local dog owners can once again take their four-legged friends to the park!

Dog park locations include:

  • Bear Branch Dog Park at 5200 Research Forest Drive
  • Cattail Dog Park at 9323 Cochran’s Crossing Drive
  • Grogan’s Mill Dog Park at Tamarac Park at 1300 N. Milbend Drive
  • Harper’s Landing Dog Park at 2 N. Blair Bridge Drive
  • Rob Fleming Dog Park at 6535 Creekside Forest Drive
  • Terramont Dog Park at 8500 Terramont Drive


Most dog parks include a water source, separate areas for big dogs and smaller dogs (under 25 pounds) and shady areas with benches for pet parents to relax while their dogs have fun and enjoy running around. (Please be sure to social distance.)

These special dog parks are another example of the amazing amenities offered to residents (and in this case…their pets!) of The Woodlands.