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Helping the Front Line – Gratitude Operation

The Woodlander salutes Amanda Van Dusen, a resident of The Woodlands, who co-founded Houston Helpers Taking on COVID-19 with Stacy Strehlow, Brooke Stach and Nick and Heather Combs.

Through its Facebook page and website, Houston Helpers Taking on COVID-19, has filled myriad requests for supplemental personal protective equipment (PPE) including 1780 masks, 150 scrub caps and 70 face shields to hospital across the Greater Houston area. This week, with the help of a fleet of new patrons, seamstresses and delivery volunteers in the Houston and The Woodlands area, Houston Helpers will employ a new batch of donated materials to make and deliver another round of masks, caps, face shields and even full-length protective gowns to the medical community who have expressed need! At the nerve center of it all is Van Dusen, who assigns tasks to the various people registered to serve on their website—and then gets back behind the sewing machine herself to produce materials to aid in the fight against the coronavirus!

Thank you to Amanda Van Dusen, her management partners and their fleet of volunteers at Houston Helpers Taking on COVID-19 who are working tirelessly to aid area medical communities on the front lines.