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Around Town — In Conversation with Jen Lucas

Meet Jen Lucas, a married mother, artist and former English teacher turned art teacher at The Woodlands High School. We caught up with her at Cyclone Anaya’s at Waterway Square, having lunch with a friend where she kindly answered our Woodlander questionnaire: 

When did you start teaching in The Woodlands?

In 2002. I have taught at McCullough, Branch Crossing and now The Woodlands High School.

Favorite band or solo rocker from your teen years?

Mr. Mister.

Name a book on your bedside table, films and/or television series and/or podcasts in your streaming queue?

HBO’s True Detective and Netflix’s Final Table.

Favorite dish from a local restaurant?

The Tortilla Soup at Cyclone Anyaya’s. 

You win airline tickets to any destination. Where would you travel?

Barcelona! I want to see all of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s work. My Dad was stationed in this city during his Army tour and throughout my childhood would regale me with stories of this special city.

Favorite local stores?

Trader Joe’s in Indian Springs and Fleet Feet in Hughes Landing. Our family aims to eat healthy and enjoys running. 

What is on your bucket list?

Finish my dissertation on art education at The University of Houston and maintain a daily art practice.

Favorite area event?

Noble Foundation’s 5K Run in Tanner Noble’s honor. This takes place in December and the course traverses through and around The Woodlands High School campus.

Something not everyone knows about you.

I would love to live in the country raising chickens, pigs and horses like we did when I was growing up in Montana. I’m a country girl at heart.

Look for Jen Lucas next time you are out and about. You never know who you’ll meet around town!

Scroll for Jen Lucas’ Artwork: