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When you move into a new home, you begin to imagine making new memories to cherish. Soon you’re envisioning entertaining your family and friends, as well as your new neighbors. While entertaining can be full of joy, it doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking. With the holidays fast approaching, keep these shortcut tips in mind for entertaining as effortlessly as possible, so that you can engage with your guests instead of running around playing host or hostess.

What A Difference A Day (or Two) Makes. Aim to prep and set up as much as you can before your gathering. This will go a long way in reducing the stress of a potential time crunch come party time.

Think Nibbles. No need to worry over a five-course, sit-down meal. Serve simple hors d’oeuvres and a buffet-style setup with foods that are easy for guests to munch on and keep the chit-chat going.

Toss. Don’t Wash. Go disposable. Avoid filling up your sink with guest dishes. There are so many festive choices for use-and-throwaway plates, utensils, napkins and drinkware. Be sure to set out extra waste receptacles.

Self-Serve Soiree. Set up a self-serve station with adult libations – as well as non-alcohol options – so guests can help themselves.

Music in the Air. Some light, festive background music will definitely help set the tone of your gathering.

Keep Little Hands Busy. If small children will be attending, consider setting up a make-your-own holiday craft table.

Relax and Enjoy! You’re all set; now take a deep breath and roll with the fun. Don’t sweat it if a few things don’t go as planned; chances are that no one will notice (or really care) anyway!

Your guests are going to LOVE your party at your new home in The Woodlands this holiday season!