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How Well Do You Know Your Town? — Halloween Photo Fun to Figure Out

As spookily carved jack-o-lanterns offer frightening flickering delights, costumed children knock doors for candy and wish all a happy Halloween night!

Can you guess where these Halloween inspired photos were taken?

HINT: This tree looks haunted dripping moss outside an exclusive subdivision guard gate. If you reside in the Village of Creekside Park, you live close—you won’t be late!

HINT: Cars at this valet station take a turn as the glowing chandelier candles above them never cease their burn.

HINT: These statues seem ghostly in the right light. They live in front of a bank— by day and by night.

Please scroll down for the answers.








  1. Creekside Park Carlton Woods Entrance
  2. The Woodlands Resort
  3. The Spirit of Texas Bank