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Patriotic Lights — Red, White & Blue in The Woodlands

The Woodlands is a glow with ornamental lights that grace The Woodlands Town Center year round.  From rainbow to warm white and seasonal yellow, decorated lights can be seen at The Woodlands Waterway Turning Basin near Town Green Park, Waterway Square Bridge and Hughes Landing.

During special occasions and holidays, multiple colored, themed lighting can be viewed at these three hot spots in The Woodlands. Just in time for the Fourth of July, red, white and blue lights will honor our country’s Independence Day.


At the Turning Basin next to Riva Row Boat House, lights create the image of an American flag, patriotically waving in the tiered fountains. The Turning Basin is the first location in the United States that shows off the patriotic lights in this fashion, and we believe the only site. The patriotic lights are displayed from Flag Day (June 14) through the 4th of July.

Red, white and blue lights can also be seen during President’s DayLabor Day and Veteran’s Day. In Hughes Landing, you can also find red, white and blue lights on Texas Independence Day. And on Memorial Day, you will discover red, white and blue lights at the Hughes Landing bandshell and white lights shining on the Turning Basin and Waterway Square.

“We are proud to display The Woodlands’ patriotic pride during Independence Day and commemorative holidays,” said Kelly Dietrich, Senior Project Manager with The Howard Hughes Corporation. “The consistency of the lights through The Woodlands Town Center show the connectivity of the community.”

Here are some other days to see special colored lights:

  • New Year’s Day: Red and blue with sparkles of white (Hughes Landing), blue, green and white (Turning Basin) and blue, yellow and white (Waterway Square)
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Red, yellow and green (Turning Basin, Waterway Square)
  • National Wear Red Day: Red (Hughes Landing)
  • Valentine’s Day: Red (Hughes Landing), pink and white (Turning Basin) and red, pink and white (Waterway Square)
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Green (Hughes Landing, Turning Basin) and green and white (Waterway Square)
  • Vernal Equinox: Green (Turning Basin, Waterway Square)
  • Easter: Rainbow (Hughes Landing), pastels (Turning Basin) and pink, blue and white (Waterway Square)
  • Cinco de Mayo: Green, red and white (Hughes Landing), red, yellow and green (Turning Basin) and yellow and green (Waterway Square)
  •  Summer Solstice: Yellow (Waterway Square)
  •  Autumnal Equinox: Red (Turning Basin, Waterway Square)
  •  Halloween: Orange (Hughes Landing), orange and white (Turning Basin) and orange, green and purple (Waterway Square)
  •  Thanksgiving: Yellow (Hughes Landing), yellow and orange (Turning Basin, Waterway Square)
  •  Winter Solstice: Blue (Waterway Square)
  •  Hanukkah: Blue (Hughes Landing)
  •  Christmas: Red and green (all locations)

White colored lights also embellish hundreds of trees along The Woodlands Waterway and throughout Town Center.  With so many places to see, it’s time to grab your family or friends and walking shoes and head on over to Town Center.