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Experience Van Gogh’s Art in A New Way — 3-Dimensional Replication

A Van Gogh Museum Pop-up Exhibit and Museum Store is open to the public until May 10th in The Nordstrom Courtyard Area in The Woodlands Mall. Admission is $3.00.

This travelling exhibit features unparalleled and curator-approved replicas of nine Van Gogh masterpieces sponsored by The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The mission of the Van Gogh Museum is to make Vincent Van Gogh’s life and work accessible to the world, in order to enrich and inspire as many people as possible. Vincent’s original paintings are delicate and transporting them outside of the museum could damage them, so the museum began exploring new ways of sharing his work with a global audience. The Van Gogh Museum commissioned a limited-edition collection called ‘Van Gogh Museum Editions.’ Using highly advanced fine-art reproduction technology developed by Fujifilm Europe, these premium-quality, 3D replicas of Van Gogh’s masterpieces pay exclusive tribute to his artistic genius and unique approach to art.

“Van Gogh’s works convey an extraordinary emotional intensity that speaks directly to people all over the world. These high-quality limited editions give people the opportunity to experience the power of Van Gogh’s imaginative brush work in a new, exciting, and innovative way,” explained Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh Museum.

And, well, if you like sunflowers, the Van Gogh Pop-up is the best place to take some selfies for the spring season!

Children under 10 and military personnel are free. Visitors will be able to buy discounted tickets for the Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Purchasing a discounted ticket waives entry fee to the pop-up.