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Ready! Set! Blo! — Meet Business Woman & Multi-Tasker Katie

A professional blow out keeps your hair healthy, manageable and looking great for several days.

Alden Bridge Villager Katie Holditch has lived in The Woodlands for 18 years and owns Blo Blow Dry Bar in Hughes Landing and Blo Blow Dry Bar in Houston (Montrose). She is a proud Aggie (class of 1997).

This month, The Woodlander caught up with her for an interview.

TW: Let me get this right. Blo is a hair salon, but there is no hair cutting or coloring? 

KH: Yes, that’s right. We are a hair blowing-out salon, which means we shampoo, condition and blow dry hair and provide 1 of 7 signature styles. We also offer makeup application services.

TW: How long has Blo been open in Hughes Landing?  

KH: Since September of 2016. We love Hughes Landing for the free parking, accessibility, convenience and visibility (and the music playing in the streets!).

TW: Tell us about the Blo concept?

KH: Starting back in the late 50s and 60s, women, like my own Grandmother Margie started going to salons to get their hair fixed or “set” for the week. It was important for women to look and feel put together. It wasn’t “expected” of Grandmother Margie or anything—she did it for herself and because SHE wanted to look and feel good. This is the concept for Blo that we’ve translated to the 21st century.

TW: Who are the clients at Blo? 

KH: So many people assume that events like weddings and high school proms are the biggest part of the business, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our bar is often packed with professional women getting their hair done for the week….or moms with their babies or toddlers in tow. A professional blow out keeps your hair healthy, manageable and looking great for several days. We have products and techniques that can heal breakage, add moisture, tame frizz…you name it. It’s not just about the hair looking gorgeous (and it DOES!) but it’s also about convenience and professionalism. We also offer professional makeup services because again, you don’t need a gala to look professional and gorgeous.

TW: Who is on staff at Blo?  

KH: My team at Blo (The Woodlands) is incredibly talented and can transform your hair. Angela Palmer is our Blo The Woodlands Bar Boss and District Artistic Director, Brandon Sargent is Chief Style Boss, Stephanie Sanchez and Sierra O’Dell are our Style Bosses and Lauren Henderson is Chief Blo Boss!

TW: You are a major multi-tasker running a business and raising two boys. How do you do juggle it all?  

KH: While I can be completely glam with a “Pillow Talk” blow-out one day running in heels, I’m often parked in front of my computer in a messy ponytail and sneakers the next. There are no short cuts in building a small business like Blo. Work hard, be nice and always be willing to evolve personally and professionally is what I try to do on a daily basis.

I enjoy spending time with my 2 sons in any capacity. Recently, I’ve discovered my youngest, a high schooler, will leap at the opportunity to go to the gun range to practice target shooting with me! My oldest, who is currently a sophomore in college will do just about anything with me when we have the time. I cherish these special times with my boys.

I’m always on the go for Blo, so when I get the chance to relax I’m at home watching Netflix while catching up on emails. I love to listen to live music from my favorite musicians.

Oh, and indoor cycling at RIDE, located across the street from Blo, keeps me exercising and clears my busy head so I can focus when I need to!

TW: Tell us about your impressive community giving.

KH: We donate to so many local causes, especially the charities that are near and dear to our clients. We donate various hair services or gift cards, but we also do in-person events—like working with United Way’s “Women Who Rock” luncheon every year. We’ve also done hair for Breast Cancer Charities of America and American Heart Association events. Two of my favorite local charities to work with are Love Fosters Hope and St. Jude’s.

TW: Who inspired you as you built your business? 

KH: I learned so much from my father, Steve Holditch. Despite his impressive career in the oil and gas business, he conducts himself very simply… being honest, diligent, working hard, respectful, kind and optimistic in business. These are the lessons and values I learned from him.

The Woodlander sends Katie best wishes as she begins development on her 3rd Blo Dry Bar in Houston (The Heights) set for a 2020 launch, thanks her for her community service and for being an inspiration to us all.