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The Timeless Lure of The Carousel — Unrestrained Imagination

Lilting, whirling sounds of pipe organ music, twinkling lights and decorative mirrors draw people of all ages to the colorful menagerie of hand-painted animals that comprise The Carousel at The Woodlands Mall. The pig, the cat with a fish in its mouth, the giraffe and of course, the classic tiger, are crowd favorites.

As a child, you hear the bell’s clang and find instant delight in racing to claim your favorite animal before anyone else does. As an adult you may find the merry go round’s spin analogous to life itself—filled with moments that make you dizzy with both fear and delight, but so wildly wonderous a ride that when it’s over you surprise yourself and wish to begin again.

With its 12thcentury military training origins, the carousel has evolved into a modern-day entertainment marvel and powerful eye-candy transport to all things fantastical!

To celebrate, local award-winning photographer Joan Tilton offers up a fresh lens on The Carousel at The Woodlands Mall.