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Designers Give Back to Artisans Who Make Their Products — Art Heart in The Woodlands

“Slow art is the next big art. Every Collection that I design has a story that begins with cultural roots,” says Mari Fer.

Village of Creekside Park residents Mari Fer and Eduardo Quijano are originally from Mexico, City. In 2016, they launched La Quijana, a fashion and home accessories design company, where every handmade work of art tells the story of Latin heritage.

Mari Fer is the designer and marketer, while Eduardo handles the business affairs. Her designs are very much like her — colorful, friendly and funny, and she has succeeded in creating an incredible line of oversized, statement-type pieces that invite immediate interest and conversation. From the bodacious baby bib-like necklaces to her vibrant Mexican bowties, large whimsical lobster purse charms, bold Frida Kahlo pillows, specialty embroidered chairs and dangling storytelling earrings, this collection is steeped in magic realism.

In Mexico, Mari Fer owned a flower shop and studied Industrial Design before transitioning to life in The Woodlands and her full-time commitment to La Quijana. Mari Fer’s artistic influences include Mexican actresses Maria Felix and Katy Jurado, bossa nova and mariachi music and vintage fashion with modern twists.

Through this artist’s exclusive lens, the ordinary had been rendered helplessly extraordinary! This is epitomized in her limited-edition sneaker line.

Mari Fer wears Couture Mayan Sneakers. These are made from the hands of Mayan people who live in the south of Mexico and Guatemala. Eduardo wears the Curated Huichol Sneakers which are made by the talented people of the Huichol community near Nayarit, Mexico in the Sierra Madre. Each pair of sneakers is a distinctive work of art. It takes multiple weeks to complete a pair of sneakers as there is an extraordinary amount of intricate beadwork required for the design. Additionally, each drawing on the shoe is unique and has meaning in the Huichol culture.

“Slow art is the next big art. Every Collection that I design has a story that begins with cultural roots,” explains Mari Fer. “All our products are handmade; the result of many hours of work by talented artisans who weave their proud heritage into each piece.”

La Quijana is a company that gives back to its artists who spend the hours creating their designs.

“The Custom Sneaker Collection is part of Foundation Maestro Cares, an organization that supports Latin American childhood in the streets to give impoverished people a better life,” says Eduardo. “For every pair of sneakers, we sell, we donate 10% to this charity.”

Since 2014, Mari Fer and Eduardo have enjoyed raising their young children in The Woodlands where they visit parks, play golf and paddle-board together. The proximity to the Bush Intercontinental Airport is convenient for them to travel to Mexico for La Quijana business and family visits too.

La Quijana products are available for sale at Baanou in The River Oaks Shopping District, Le Papillon Gallery in Miami, Maria Condesa Boutique Hotel in Mexico City and online at

The Woodlander applauds the entrepreneurial Quijanos and sends best wishes as they explore new markets for La Quijana in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in Mexico and all across the United States.