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Around Town — In Conversation with Tiffany Marascio

Every month we meet people who live or work in The Woodlands as they answer our Around Town questionnaire.

Meet Cochran’s Crossing Villager Tiffany Marascio, 42, married with 3 children and owner of Planners4Kids, while shopping and eating at Market Street:

When and from where did you move to The Woodlands?
I moved here in 1990 from Houston.

Favorite band from your teen years?
Cocteau Twins.

Favorite local nature spot?
The Woodlands Koi Pond.

Name two films and/or television series in your streaming queue?
Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

Favorite dish from a local restaurant?
Fried Cheesecake at Uni Sushi.

You win airline tickets to any destination. Where would you travel?

Favorite local store?
Tumbleweeds & Notions in Alden Bridge Shopping Center.

Something not everyone knows about you?
I love wearing vintage style dresses and own a collection of fascinators, brooches and hats. I also enjoy the sport of archery (recurve bow and arrow).

Favorite area event?
4th of July. The Woodlands has an incredible fireworks show!

What is on your bucket list?
Win an eating contest – the spicier the food the better! I’ve been practicing for this my whole life and always carry a tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce in my purse!

This summer, Tiffany looks forward to engaging her children in screen-free activities.
Next time you’re at Market Street keep an eye out for Tiffany Marascio. You never know who you’ll meet around town!