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Blōōfin, a contemporary Edomae-inspired sushi restaurant, is now open in Restaurant Row  at Hughes Landing. In its original translation of Edomae, “Edo” means the old name for Tokyo, and “Mae” means front, referring to the fish caught in Tokyo Bay. Today, Edomae refers to the traditional Tokyo method of preparing sushi with local fresh fish.

 Blōōfin offers fresh, exotic fish imported daily from the Toyosu market of Tokyo and other parts of the world. Traditional to Japanese cuisine, Blōōfin uses local and seasonal ingredients for its menu offerings and will source seasonal ingredients from the state of Texas as well as the Toyosu market in respect of its time-honored Japanese preparation. As a highlight, Blōōfin offers dry aging sashimi, 100% Japanese wagyu hot rock, and will offer omakase later this summer. The restaurant features a patio overlooking Lake Woodlands and the Band Shell, and also features a private dining area.

Positioned among Restaurant Row, it is open for lunch and dinner and also offers a specially curated selection of Japanese whisky, sake and craft cocktails. Restaurant Row at Hughes Landing offers a variety of restaurants and eateries.

Blōōfin Sushi to open in Hughes Landing The Woodlands