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Information regarding improvements to Kuykendahl Road in The Woodlands

A segment of Kuykendahl Road in The Woodlands is being improved by Montgomery County Precinct 3 who operates and maintains the road right of way and all associated roadway improvements.

The limits of construction are from approximately 600 feet north of Lake Woodlands Drive to approximately 1400 feet south of Bay Branch Drive. (See exhibit)

The road right of way was dedicated to Montgomery County in 2008 along with the associated roadway improvements.

The roadway improvements were designed by RPS-Klotz engineering firm, and  the contractor implementing the roadway expansion is Wade Construction.

Construction efforts commenced  in January and is expected to last for approximately 12 months per Montgomery County Precinct 3.   At this time, the county stated they do not intend on installing construction identification signage indicating it is a Montgomery County Precinct 3 project.

The scope of work is to complete a two (2) lane, northbound boulevard section of the roadway between Lake Woodlands Drive and Bay Branch.  In conjunction with the  northbound boulevard improvements, a  new bridge that extends over Bear Branch east of the Bear Branch Reservoir will also be constructed.

Subdivisions that abut the northbound right of way  in this area includes Haydens Run, Palmer Woods and The Courts at Palmer Bend.  A 50-foot forest preserve will be maintained between all the said neighborhoods, similarly to neighborhoods along other major thoroughfares in The Woodlands.  This  50-foot forest preserve that exists today  were dedicated to The Woodlands Community Association (WCA) which is now The Woodlands Township, between 1993 and 2002 and is intended to remain unimpacted by the construction efforts.

Should you have any further questions or requests for information, please contact the Montgomery County Precinct 3 office at 281-367-3977.