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Now that the holidays have officially arrived, it’s time to think about a charming holiday photo. There are so many great places around The Woodlands that lend a beautiful setting. There are 148 parks and 7,665 acres of green spaces that offer the perfect setting.


  • Rob Fleming Park – Creekside Park

Resident of The Woodlands and professional photographer, Kathleen O. Ryan of Kathleen O. Ryan Fine Art photography shares that one of the favorite places of many area photographers is the Rob Fleming Park – Creekside. This park offers diverse background options such as around the rustic outdoor stone lodge pavilion or near the pond or the nature-laced paths leading away from it.

Photo By: Kathleen O. Ryan Fine Art Photography

  • The Woodlands Waterway

The Woodlands Waterway also has multiple areas to capture the perfect holiday portrait. Overlooking The Waterway from the Waterway Avenue bridge, with glistening water in the background, is always a beautiful setting.


Mauricio Ramirez, a resident of The Woodlands and professional photographer, enjoys photographing his family here.


  • Lake Woodlands

The 200-acre Lake Woodlands offers many premier vantage points from the north, south, east and west to capture a memorable picture.


Ramirez also shared a photograph he took at Southshore Park at Lake Woodlands.

Photo By: Mauricio Ramirez Photography

  • Art Benches

Another interesting option is to have a sitting among one of the 24 exciting and unique art benches that have been placed throughout The Woodlands Town Center and Hughes Landing areas by The Woodlands Arts Council.


There are so many beautiful and interesting backgrounds around The Woodlands to capture individuals, couples, families, and or course, pets.

Remember to be courteous and clean up after your photoshoot so not to leave behind any “props” or debris, which can harm the native animals and spoil the parks for others.


Happy Holidays!