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Love Sparkles at Cassio Creations Fine Jewelry — Unplanned Design Detours

“I thought I’d be building large structures like skyscrapers, but I ended building something 1-millionth of its size — something that fits in the palm of your hand,” explains Craig.

A community favorite, Cassio Creations Fine Jewelry in Hughes Landing, has a romantic and storied history. It is the namesake of Craig and Michelle Cassio and began as a trade store for area jewelers. In 2001, Cassio’s opened its storefront in Spring, followed by their Oak Ridge store in 2008, and, finally, in 2018, their beautiful Hughes Landing location.

In college, Craig studied architecture (with a passion for skyscraper design) while working at his local mall. Each day, before and after work, he felt a magnetic pull to the nearby Kay Jewelers repair window where he would watch jewelers repair and design jewelry. As a result, he became friendly with the Kay Jewelers store staff, who got a kick out of seeing a young man so enchanted with their work.

What Kay Jewelers didn’t know was that Craig was a builder at heart. As a child growing up in Ohio and later in Texas, he enjoyed building forts, doghouses and ramps for bicycles.

Rick Salem of Salem’s Jewelers recruited Craig (having remembered him from his days working in the window at Kay Jewelers). Rick saw the designer in Craig and taught him the trade having him work as his apprentice with his own set of tools. Craig loved playing with gems and learning the incredible artform of jewelry making. Around this time, Craig was getting ready to propose marriage to Michelle, so he created an original engagement ring design in wax which Salem’s Jewelers helped him bring to life. When he proposed to Michelle with his first original design, she said “yes”! Craig was over-the-moon with joy, and, like a wonderful unplanned detour, he found himself saying goodbye to architecture and hello to the jewelry design business.

“I thought I’d be building large structures, but I ended building something 1-millionth of its size — something that fits in the palm of your hand,” explains Craig.

With over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Craig is passionate about jewelry design. Some of his current clients travel from all over the world, to see him to discuss restoration, repair and/or creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

“I love making women cry when they see their idea come to fruition,” laughs Craig. “It’s a very emotional business. We are blessed to have such close relationships with our clients as we celebrate so many special occasions with them!”

In addition to Craig’s custom jewelry designs, Cassio Creations Fine Jewelry is proud to also offer jewelry by Alwand Vahan, Kabana, estate jewelry, pre-owned Rolex and Louis Vuitton, a loose diamond trade-up program, watch repair, appraisal clinics, estate assistance and gold buys.

Craig and Michelle welcome you to stop in their store and enjoy a complimentary coffee and free inspection and cleaning of any of your jewelry items. You can also explore the world of dazzling loose diamonds, gemstones and geodes with Craig personally, and meet the rest of the friendly and talented Cassio team.