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Norton Ditto’s Fashion — Finds and Pocket Square Folding with Ryan Creglow

At Norton Ditto you can choose from an array of fabrics, linings, buttons and details—and they’ll even teach you to fold a pocket square!!

With cooler weather right around the corner, we stopped by Norton Ditto in Hughes Landing to browse some of the finest fall fashions for men!

Versatile sweaters are a must for the most fashionable men. Perfect for layering under a sport coat or suit, or simply worn with a complimenting sport shirt and 5 pocket pants, this one, by Hickey Freeman, will surely become a wardrobe staple.

The quintessential sweater vest, it’s stylish, functional, and designed to allow ideal ventilation while maintaining optimal warmth and comfort.  Easy to pair with any kind of trouser or jean, it more than a piece of outerwear, it’s a necessary accessory. To be complete, every outfit has to consist of at least three pieces, a sweater vest, like this one from Hickey Freeman, is the perfect answer.

Show off your fashion sense even on the golf course!  Find your perfect layered look with Peter Millar Crown Soft quarter-zip sweaters, sport shirts, and trousers. From the locker room, to the first tee box, to the clubhouse, you never have to apologize for dressing better than you have to.

Hickey Freeman kicked off Spring 2019 by introducing a campaign featuring Jesse Iwuji. NASCAR driver, Navy Reserve, and proud Naval academy alum where he played four years of football undefeated against Army.  You can’t go wrong investing in a Sport Coat – a classic.

Be prepared with whatever life, or the weather, throws your way.  A Peter Millar jacket that is windproof and water-resistant provides superior protection in any weather condition. Blend comfort with performance and fashion, even in outerwear. This jacket is finished with a full-zip closure and two side zip pockets, which help in securing valuables such as keys, wallet and cellphone.

A lightweight Peter Millar jacket for those cooler fall mornings and evenings are essential in The Woodlands. One in a basic color such as navy, black or camel, of good quality and fits well is what you are looking for. Size it so you can accessories it over a sweater and sport shirt. Complete the look by pairing it with either dress slacks, 5 pocket trousers or jeans.

You also can’t go wrong with navy. This Hickey Freeman Stripe Tasmanian suit will blend in effortlessly with your business wardrobe staples this season and beyond. Paired with another version of blue in the striped dress shirt and tie, don’t be afraid of color or matching patterns.

Think out of the box!  When choosing clothing, whether it be a suit, sport coat, trousers and shirts…think custom. At Norton Ditto you can choose from an array of fabrics, linings, buttons and details. Store Manager/Buyer Ryan Creglow of The Woodlands store in Hughes Landing will even teach you how to fold a pocket square—like in this video below!