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Walls with Personality — Community Mural Standouts

Murals are art works that are painted or applied directly onto a wall, ceiling or permanent surface. They bring personality to a space, are often colorful and instantly attract attention.

Communities are enhanced by murals as their large sizes and unique settings often put them in public spaces where a wide audience gets to experience their beauty simply by passing by.

Many businesses in The Woodlands have muraled walls. In this photo journal, celebrated local photographer Joan Tilton captures some of our area favorites.

Scott Staples at Flower Child at Lake Woodlands Crossing

Anat Ronen by Crust Pizza at Creekside Park Village Center

Carolina Dalmas at Brooklyn Café

Ben Weidner at Huti’s 5 Free-Fire Grill

A. Dean Schneider at the Safari Stop at The Woodlands United Methodist Church

Will Bryant at Warby Parker

What are some of your favorite area murals?