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Chandeliers in The Woodlands — Photo Fun to Figure Out

Some chandeliers just can’t be ignored—they demand our attention! This is further proof that although best-known for its natural lush pine forest beauty, The Woodlands can also bring the BLING!

Can you guess where these 3 illuminating glamour-laden knockouts are located?

HINT: Colorful cookies pose below in a custom French refrigerator at this Hughes Landing store.

HINT: Out of town friends who stay here see this as they walk across the lobby and out the door to ride The Lazy River.

HINT: You encircle it as you ascend or descend this boutique hotel’s staircase in Market Street.

Please scroll down for the answers.






  1. Macaron by Patisse
  2. The Woodlands Resort
  3. The Hyatt Centric