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Red in The Woodlands — Photo Fun to Figure Out

From necktie and lipstick shades to the planet Mars to our blood when exposed to oxygen, the color red represents many things including power, passion, heat and life.

Can you identify these red “hot spots” in The Woodlands?

#1 – HINT: Shop, eat and relax here

#2 – Hint: Water provides the perfect backdrop

#3 – Hint: New Italian restaurant at Waterway Square

#4 – Hint: Revered as a taco eating hangout

Please scroll down for the answers.







  1. Park chairs in Creekside Park Village Green
  2. “Wind Waves” sculpture by Yvonne Domenge in Hughes Landing
  3. Sorriso Modern Italian Kitchen at Waterway Square
  4. Interior wall of Torchy’s Tacos in Cochran’s Crossing Village Center