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Leadership at Global Shop Solutions — Keeping it in the Family

For the last decade, Global Shop Solutions has been led by Dick’s son, Dusty Alexander, who added his own manufacturing experience into the company mix.

Manufacturing software—and at the highest level of quality!

Did you know 3 generations of residents from The Woodlands run a family manufactuaring software company, Global Shop Solutions, that helps manufacturers produce and deliver quality products?  

Global Shop Solutions software manages the critical functions of the manufacturing process: from quote to cash including scheduling, managing inventory and labor. Laser focused on making sure manufacturers can deliver a quality part on-time, every time and know their costs, they have become one of the most trusted manufacturing software companies in the industry.

In 1976, Dick Alexander launched Global Shop Solutions as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for manufacturers in the oil industry. Since then, the next generation of Alexanders has taken leadership of the firm, expanding services to cover nearly 20 manufacturing industries and opening offices in 7 different countries.

For the last decade, the company has been led by Dick’s son, Dusty Alexander, who added his own manufacturing experience into the company mix. Dick’s daughter, Erika Klein, is the Chief Software Designer and Ben Alexander, Dusty’s son, a sophomore in college, is learning the business by interning in the service department and working on international sales projects. Jack Alexander, Dusty’s oldest son, a junior in college, interned at the company in 2017 working on marketing and advertising projects while Will Arend, grandson to Dick, and a college sophomore, interned at the company in both 2017 and 2018.

The 3rdgeneration family members are some of the 20 summer interns that Dick’s son-in-law, Jayland Keeney, oversees as Director of Human Resources at Global Shop Solutions each year.

Since 1999, Global Shop Solutions has been headquartered in The Woodlands with nearly 250 employees. 2018 marked the opening of a third building on their campus that houses a customer training center, executive offices and a communal kitchen.

The Woodlander salutes Global Shop Solutions’ growing family strength and success in the manufacturing software sector.