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Nature Edit — Hive to Table

Did you know The Woodlands Resort has teamed with the non-profit organization, Bee Harmony, to provide and manage two Honey Bee honey producing hives?

The Woodlands Resort’s lush landscape is ideal for beekeeping. It provides wildflowers and water, which are necessary for the Honey Bees. The Honey Bees gather nectar and pollen from the bee-friendly and nutritional wildflowers on the property and nearby, then convert it into honey.

Approximately 100,000 Honey Bees are in these new beehives. The honey produced from it will be used in food and beverages served at The Woodlands Resort.

Some people believe eating a teaspoon of local honey can help reduce seasonal allergies. The thinking is that when a person eats local honey, they absorb local pollen and over time, a person may become immune to this pollen, and as a result, experience fewer allergy symptoms. Others use honey as an antiseptic to treat cuts, wounds and burns, because of its many antimicrobial properties and some folks use honey as a hangover remedy, because it contains fructose, which helps accelerate the metabolism of alcohol.