Oct 10 at 10:58am

The Woodlands Wildflower Festival Art Contest Winners Announced

by The Woodlands

The Woodlands community has some aspiring artists, and they are all about wildflowers! Artists got their form of medium out to enter the art contest, held in conjunction with The Woodlands Wildflower Festival on Saturday, October 20 from 10 am to 2 pm at Hughes Landing.

Winners are as follows: 

0-4 years old
First place: Abigail Paterson, age 1, Conroe – Black-Eyed Susan (Grand Prize Children’s Winner)
Second place: Ashaz Ali, age 4, The Woodlands - Go Green

5-8 years old (three places awarded because there were so many entries!)
First place: Ella Butler, Age 8, The Woodlands – Fountains of Bluebonnets
Second Place: Rodrigo Fernandez, age 8, Conroe – Wildflowers on Lake, Dreaming of Mountains in The Woodlands
Third place: Colt Caldwell, age 5, Conroe – Solo Wildflower

9-13 years old
First place: Kyle Piepho, age 10, The Woodlands – Sunset on Field of Bluebonnets
Second place: Joanui Patel, age 12, The Woodlands - Wildflowers and Art

14-18 years old
First place: Hanqi Qian, Age 18, The Woodlands – Fall Basket of Wildflowers 
Second Place: Allison Collins, Age 18 – "Wild” Rose


First place: Kristine Schneider, The Woodlands – Trumpet Vine (Grand Prize Adult Winner)
Second Place: Josh Young, Spring – Texas Bluebonnets

New Category – Photography

First place: Queena Sofia Zamora, Age 17, Spring – Glorious Pink
Second Place: Dalton Lowe, Age 16, Spring – New England Aster

Kristine Schneider’s art will become the official piece of art on The Woodlands Wildflower Festival Poster while Abigail Paterson’s art will be featured on the official recycled bag. Proceeds benefit The Woodlands Lions Club.

For more information on The Woodlands Wildflower Festival, click here.